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Executive Director

Position Description

December 2016





East Ridge at Cutler Bay is a not-for-profit – 501(c) (3), 337 unit Type A, Lifecare Retirement Community, with Independent Living, Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living located in the Town of Cutler Bay 20 miles south of downtown Miami. East Ridge at Cutler Bay is an affiliate of SantaFe Senior Living and its parent, SantaFe HealthCare, Inc. (SFHC). East Ridge at Cutler Bay’s mission, to enrich the life of each senior we serve, is achieved through the efforts of 400 team members serving residents in independent living, assisted living, congregate care, memory support, home healthcare and other health care services.


SFHC is based in Gainesville, Florida. SFHC is organized as a health care services holding company, whose mission, to create and sustain a family of preeminent health related organizations,
is achieved through not-for-profit, community-based, and mission-driven operating Affiliates. SFHC has approximately 2,000 associates and combined revenues of $1.2 billion ($2.0 billion reflecting the economic impact of self-funded business), combined total assets of $750 million, and combined net assets (equity) of $222 million. SFHC’s principal Affiliates include: AvMed Health Plans; Haven Hospice; SantaFe Senior Living; and SantaFe Village.


SantaFe Senior Living, Inc. (SFSL) is ranked 57th (3rd in Florida) in size among the Leading Age/Ziegler 150 largest not-for-profit senior living organizations in the U.S. SFSL currently serves 1300 residents through independent living and health care in Gainesville, Bonita Springs and Miami.



The Executive Director shall have overall responsibility and accountability for strategic, operational and financial performance of East Ridge at Cutler Bay. The Executive Director is accountable for providing exemplary executive leadership, planning and directing the overall on-going operations of East Ridge at Cutler Bay in accordance with the Values, Vision and Mission of East Ridge at Cutler Bay, its Bylaws and the Strategies and Policies of East Ridge at Cutler Bay and its parent, SantaFe Senior Living, Inc. (SFSL), and applicable laws, rules and regulations.




The Executive Director shall exhibit strong executive presence, leadership, strategic, operational and financial acumen under a direct reporting relationship to the President of SFSL and shall collaborate extensively with the executives at SFSL and its Retirement Communities, as well as effectively manage in a dual direct line oversight of certain Village personnel with SFHC’s key executives responsible for Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Clinical/Compliance and Facilities.


The Executive Director shall be responsible, through a direct and/or dual solid-line* reporting relationship with key SFHC/SFSL executives, for the following positions:


 Sales & Marketing*;

 Resident Life Services;

 Health Services*;

 Dining Services;

 Environmental Services;

 Human Resources*;

 Facilities*; and

 Accounting & Financial Reporting*.




The Executive Director, in collaboration with executives at SFSL and SFHC, as applicable, shall have responsibility and accountability for the following key functions and activities.


Leadership - Overall responsibility and accountability for organizational leadership and performance. Develop, implement and achieve the strategic, occupancy, operational and financial objectives of East Ridge at Cutler Bay. Accountable for efficient and effective on-going operations, assuring high quality independent living and health care services, hospitality programs, amenities and facilities for the residents, and compliance with the operational, service, satisfaction, quality and financial goals established by the Boards of Directors and President. Represent East Ridge at Cutler Bay and SFSL in the North Central Florida community, including membership and active participation in community and professional organizations conveying a professional and positive image.


Strategic Orientation - Provide leadership to East Ridge at Cutler Bay Directors, Managers, Supervisors and other members of East Ridge at Cutler Bay Leadership Team in the development and execution of policies and procedures and strategic and operating plans.


Financial Performance - Responsible and accountable for developing and achieving the annual operating and capital budget and to meet or exceed annual occupancy, financial and operating plans in accordance with the annual operating and capital budget, including, but not limited to: revenue, occupancy, operating and capital spending and net income performance, approved by East Ridge at Cutler Bay and SFHC Boards of Directors, which supports the general long-range plan.


Governance – Work collaboratively with the President of SFSL to engage the Corporate Advisory Board (Corp AB) for the benefit of advancing the mission and enhancing East Ridge at Cutler Bay strategic direction including but not limited to:


 Serve as the liaison and channel of communication between East Ridge at Cutler Bay Management and Corp AB;

 Prepare Corp AB Meeting Agendas, in consultation with the SFSL President and other senior management and the Corp AB Chair;

 Submit and present appropriate reports to East Ridge at Cutler Bay Corp AB;

 Attend all meetings of East Ridge at Cutler Bay Corp AB; and,

 Ensure that all notices and communication required are provided in accordance with Corp AB protocol.


Operation Performance - Overall responsibility for the operations of East Ridge at Cutler Bay including, but not limited to sales and marketing programs, independent living and health services occupancy, hospitality programs, resident services and activities, dining services, environmental services, facilities, regulatory strategies and compliance, accounting and financial reporting, financial management and budget compliance, and human resources. Proactively identify and address issues, challenges and opportunities for innovative organizational, health services and operational improvements. Develop and maintain written operational procedures for all operational areas and establish the day-to-day operations processes of East Ridge at Cutler Bay and provide oversight to ensure effective implementation and compliance. Plan and implement marketing and sales strategies to achieve and maintain established targeted occupancy levels. Maintain and safeguard the property of East Ridge at Cutler Bay in accordance with approved policies. In collaboration with SFSL and SFHC management execute planning, development and strategic initiatives.


Sales & Marketing Programs - Overall accountability for marketing results including providing oversight and support for the marketing process to assure attainment of the sales targets and marketing objectives as outlined in the operating plan; assure the alignment of the operations team with the marketing objectives of the community; and communicating a positive and beneficial image of the community.


Resident Relations and Customer Service - Establish and maintain a culture that ensures excellent customer service and hospitality. Maintain high profile interaction with residents and residents’ family members; respond to resident needs effectively and with a high degree of patience, understanding and timely resolution of resident’s issues. Ensure a high level of resident satisfaction. Ensure the provision of quality programs and services designed to promote the health and welfare of residents.


Health Care and Health Services – Assure effective administration of the Vitality Program and overall provision of quality health care in Assisted Living and Memory Support and effective provision of health services including preventive and wellness services, home health services, care coordination and other health care and health services to residents throughout the continuum of care.


Dining Services – Maintain a consistent and exceptional dining experience including food quality, food presentation, service experience and dining ambiance for all residents, in all dining venues and in all levels of care.


Environment Services and Facilities Maintenance – Ensure the effective and efficient delivery of environmental services and facilities maintenance. Develop and implement systems and processes to assure the cleanliness, functionality, safety and maintenance of all Village property. Assure the stewardship of all resources including equipment and supplies inventory.  


Team Leadership and Develop
– Establish and implement a comprehensive plan for Leadership Development, Talent Management and Succession Planning for key positions within East Ridge at Cutler Bay. Motivate and lead a high performance management team. Foster a positive corporate culture and ethical work climate that is conducive to attracting, retaining, and motivating a diverse group of top-quality associates at all levels. Establish and maintain a workplace culture that leads to a highly engaged workforce committed to East Ridge at Cutler Bay’s Vision, Mission and Values. Oversee management of associates to ensure financial, operational and strategic goals and objectives are met within appropriate staffing levels. Pursue a personal program of continuing education in relevant aspects of the senior living industry as determined appropriate by the President.


Compliance & Assurance – Ensure an effective corporate assurance, risk management and compliance function. Responsible for organizational adherence to all applicable regulatory requirements and standards. Assure compliance with all debt requirements, including investor call coordination and reporting, bond covenant achievement and reporting and consultant report implementation and follow-up. Establish processes to ensure that East Ridge at Cutler Bay complies with all statutes, rules, codes and regulations of municipal, county, state and federal agencies, departments, bureaus and commissions that maintain or exercise regulatory authority over East Ridge at Cutler Bay.


Gifting and Charitable Contributions - Provide leadership, direction, oversight and communication for effective development, receipt and management of gifts and charitable bequests.


Community and Industry Involvement - Maintain a visible and active leadership role in appropriate industry, civic and community organizations. Represent East Ridge at Cutler Bay to the community and general public as the principal corporate representative.


Policies and Procedures - Ensure that procedures, policies and regulations necessary and desirable for the proper conduct of the ordinary affairs of East Ridge at Cutler Bay are established and followed, including, but not limited to overall financial reporting, operational practices, communication responsiveness, debt compliance, and regulatory compliance (Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, Department of Labor, Occupational Health and Safety, etc.).


Other - Perform other related duties as the SFHC President & CEO, SFSL President or Board of Directors shall require.






Job Requirements



Mission Driven - Alignment with East Ridge at Cutler Bay’s and SFSL’s mission, vision and core values of collaborative, accountable, respectful, ethical and service-driven.


Education - Bachelors degree (BA/BS) required. Master’s degree (MBA/MHA/MS) or equivalent experience preferred.  


Licensure / Certification - Maintain or obtain all current and future certifications, licenses and ongoing continuing education credits as required by federal and state regulation.


Experience - Minimum of 7 years of experience in the senior living industry including executive experience with expertise in planning and finance, developing, marketing, constructing, managing and operating senior living communities desired. Knowledge of the Florida Senior Living market and regulatory environment preferred.


Permanent Residence - Miami, Florida.


Business Acumen - Exhibit executive bearing and sound business judgment; Possess an organizational focus and understand the perspective of different functional areas; Maintain in-depth knowledge of local and national industry trends and external conditions affecting the organization; Fully understand the business, legislative, regulatory and competitive environments; Display an effective external and internal constituency orientation and focus, including understanding constituency needs and winning value propositions; Quickly learn new technical or business knowledge; Understand and analyze financial and operational information; Exhibit pragmatic thinking and bring practical solutions to complex business challenges; and Make timely decisions, readily understand complex issues, and develop solutions that effectively address problems.


Results Orientation - Develop and achieve clear, realistic, and challenging goals that are aligned with targeted business results; Possess an analytical mind able to quickly assess and assimilate information and data; Possess strong technical, financial, management, operational and analytical skills; Possess strong skills in prioritizing and aligning resources to achieve key objectives; Incorporate innovative and logical thinking in problem solutions; Demonstrate an ability to handle multiple and competing priorities simultaneously; and Do whatever it takes to get the job done right.


Leadership - Self-motivated and able to lead and excel in a high pressured environment; Inspire and motivate others to organizational commitment and results; Project and behave as a professional and role model, establishing an environment of reliability, trustworthiness and responsibility; Communicate confidence and steadiness during difficult times; Hold oneself and others accountable for living the corporate values; Readily adapt to new situations and changing circumstances, goals, processes or environments; Use effective strategies to facilitate organizational change; Understand own impact on situations and people; Accurately sense when to give and take when negotiating; Act decisively to tackle difficult problems; Persevere in the face of problems; and Take the lead on unpopular though necessary actions.


Communication - Ensure that important information about decisions, plans, and activities is shared with Board of Directors and Leadership Teams and is disseminated to others within the organization; Encourage direct and open discussions about important issues; Listen attentively and clarify information for understanding; Speak clearly and confidently, present ideas in a clear, concise, organized and persuasive manner; Exhibit formal presentation skills; Clearly articulate even complex concepts taking into account the audience; and Written communication are logical, organized, and coherent using an appropriate business writing style including correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


Developing and Empowering Others
- Motivate others to perform at their best; Maintain smooth, effective working relationships; Promote effective teamwork; Present clearly defined expectations and timely constructive feedback and encouragement on performance and results; Effectively delegate assignments that appropriately align responsibility and authority and encourage individual initiative; Assume a supportive and guidance role in mentoring associates    along a professional growth continuum; Recognize and reward associates   ’ achievements; Work effectively with people who differ in race, gender, culture, age, or background; and Leverage the unique talents of others to enhance organizational effectiveness.


Accountability - Demonstrate a results-commitment, accepting responsibility for goal accomplishment within deadlines; Align resources to accomplish key objectives; Assign clear accountability for important objectives; Execute appropriate work-planning to address prioritization, resource needs and corrective actions; Reflect on and learn from experience; Understand own weaknesses and how to compensate for them; Act in accordance with stated values; Follow through on promises; and Use ethical considerations to guide decisions and actions.


Strategic Focus
- Make significant contributions to the development and execution of SantaFe and its Affiliate’s strategic plan; Support activities that position the business for the future; Offers novel ideas and perspectives; Inspire, motivate and align associates    to achieve East Ridge at Cutler Bay’s strategic vision & plan; and Apply innovative thinking and creativity in tactical improvements and strategic execution.


Physical and Work Requirements - Physical ability to sit at computer, type, push/pull/lift up to 20 lbs. Ability to get to and from all inside and outside areas of the campus by walking or other means as required to access all areas and buildings. Ability to work in indoor air-conditioned office space and other indoor conditioned spaces for extended periods of time.


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