Entry Level Child Care Giver & Teacher (Live-in Social Services)

Job Description

Company Overview

MOOSEHEART CHILD CITY & SCHOOL is a community and school for children and teens in-need, located on a 1,000-acre campus 38 miles west of Chicago. Over its 100+ year history, Mooseheart has been home to nearly 12,000 young people ranging in age from infancy through high school.

Founded in 1913, Mooseheart provides complete home care, education and training for youth whose families are unable to care for them, for a wide variety of reasons. Some have lost one or both parents; others are living in environments that are simply not conducive to healthy growth and development.


Entry Level Child Care Giver & Teacher (Live-in Social Services)

Job Description

Children and teens live in one of approximately 30 social services residences, each designed like a spacious single-family residence for six to 12 children. The heart of the program is our trained Child Caregiver Teachers, in-home caregivers who provide a consistent, systematic method of care, with emphasis on social skills development, education and skills essential for success in later life.

The Child Caregiver Teacher position can be filled by married couples or individuals who strongly believe that every child deserves a healthy, happy, nurturing environment in which to grow and who are willing to dedicate their careers to enriching the lives of children and teens.  The Child Caregiver Teacher is an entry-level position.

Mooseheart is a nonprofit community and its Child Caregiver Teachers provide safe and caring home environments for children ranging in age from newborns to high school seniors. Child Caregiver Teachers are responsible for teaching social and independent living skills, as well as providing educational assistance, self-esteem building, spiritual and moral guidance.

Job Responsibilities

The Entry Level Child Caregiver Teacher position requires a large time commitment and you will be giving up a large portion of your private life and your private time.

Child Caregiver Teacher scheduling is as follows:

  • On duty 5 days / off duty 2 days per week (with one additional day off per month)

The Child Caregiver Teacher will be responsible for providing educational, relational, social, spiritual and moral guidance in this nonprofit setting including:

  • Teaching social skills to children and youth – 182 skills the youth need when they leave Mooseheart including alternative behavior skills
  • Building relationships with adults and peers
  • Empowering youth to make decisions and problem solve
  • Providing consistency – all Child Caregiver Teachers and staff use the same principals and verbiage
  • Providing a loving and caring environment

Entry Level Child Care Giver & Teacher (Live-in Social Services)

Job Requirements

The qualified Entry Level Child Caregiver Teacher is fair, effective and concerned for the wellbeing of children and youth in their care. The successful Child Caregiver Teacher also has:
  • Minimum 21 years of age
  • Valid driver's license and a good driving record
  • High School diploma required (College degree preferred)
  • Previous experience is a plus - but not necessary
  • Ability to work within a team approach
  • Conflict-management skills
  • Ability to live and work within our campus environment
  • Personality that is nurturing, energetic, patient and persistent
  • Ability to work under challenging conditions
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Organization and time-management skills


Mooseheart, a nonprofit organization, offers Entry Level Child Caregiver Teachers:

  • Starting salary from $27,000-$28,500
  • Eligibility for full, low cost, medical health (BCBS-PPO) and dental benefits beginning the first of the month following employment
  • Business vehicle available (when responsible for live-in youth)
  • Free room and board (equivalent to a savings of more than $750 per month)
  • Self-directed 401(k) - company makes annual contributions regardless of employee's contributions
  • Paid vacations, personal time off and holidays
  • Two days off each week (1 bonus day added each month)

Entry Level Child Care Giver & Teacher (Live-in Social Services)
If interested in discussing our employment opportunities as an Entry Level Child Caregiver Teacher in more detail, please contact: 
Mooseheart Child City and School, Inc. 
Kyle Rife, Director of Admissions/Recruiting
240 James J Davis Dr 
Mooseheart, IL 60539 
Phone: (630) 906-3631
Fax: (630) 859-6630

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