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Job Description

Multi-systemic (MST) Therapist Supervisor


Responsible for overall management of a Multisystemic Therapy (MST) program; ensures adherence to MST protocols and standards; effectively manages the compilation and production of comprehensive MST data; manages direct service providers; contributes to the education and advancement of the MST program; oversees the day-to-day management of staff; and maintains appropriate continuing education requirements.


  • Ensures adherence to MST protocols and standards.
  •  Manages the MST program (reviewing referral information, identifying and engaging key participants, providing guidance to therapists, and recognizing systemic strengths and weaknesses).
  •  Assures fidelity to Multisystemic Therapy protocols, including the nine principles of MST therapy, and the MST analytic process (monitoring work, comparing against standards, making adjustments, communicating changes, etc.).
  • Analyzes data (reviewing information presented, developing an analysis of the fit of problem behaviors within the ecological context, identifying trends or patterns, providing analytical interpretations, etc.).
  •  Achieves standards and deadlines (collecting weekly summaries from therapists, reviewing/editing information gathered, submitting required data to the MST expert, sharing results of digital recordings related to group supervision, consultation, or family sessions etc.).
  • Oversees the application of the MST Analytic Process (assisting staff in implementing a robust conceptualization of the fit of primary and secondary drivers to a youth’s behavior, creating a strengths-based and age appropriate treatment plan, designing interventions, strategizing implementation, reviewing outcomes, and revising strategies).

Job Requirements

Multisystemic Therapist (MST) Supervisor

:        Master’s degree in social work, psychology, counseling, or marriage and family therapy or related field.  Professional license with the Kansas Behavioral Science & Regulatory Board.

  • Five years’ experience providing therapy services to youth. 
  • Prior experience providing effective, efficient case management and therapeutic support preferred.  
  • Three years supervising others and/or serving in a leadership role guiding others’ work performance.  
  • Direct use and/or application of any of the following therapeutic approaches:  pragmatic family therapy, individual therapy using cognitive behavioral techniques, behavioral therapy targeting school behavior, academic performance, and/or peer ecology, marital therapy using behaviorally-based approaches preferred.  
  • Experience implementing interventions within or between systems (family, peer, school, or neighborhood) in the youth’s natural ecology.

Skills & Abilities:

  • Demonstrated strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Effective leadership and management skills to guide team members to provide exceptional service to youth and families
  • Knowledge of trends and issues, laws and regulations related to the development and delivery of case management services is helpful.
  • Ability to establish relationships with individuals and organizations of influence within the social services community (civic groups, charitable agencies, related government entities, fundraising sources, etc.)
  • Demonstrated knowledge of theory and application in any or all of the following areas:  family systems, social ecology, behavioral therapies, cognitive-behavioral therapy, pragmatic family therapies, child development, and/or social skills assessment and intervention.
  • Familiarity with Evidence-Based Practice and mental health theory.
  • Must be extremely organized, have a strong attention to detail and follow-through, and ability to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to culminate data into useable formats and present.

Wyandot, Inc.
 is the parent company of a family of organizations focused on addressing diverse needs of the Wyandotte community.

Wyandot, Inc. agencies include: 
  • Wyandot Center - Adult mental health care center
  • PACES - Children and adolescents mental health care center
  • Kim Wilson Housing, Inc. - Supportive housing program
  • Rainbow Services, Inc. - 24/7 crisis center

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