Ithaca College Chapter Of BOLD Receives A $2 Million Grant

Foundation: Brown Foundation

The BOLD Women's Leadership Network at Ithaca College has received a $2 million grant from the Helen Gurley Brown Foundation. Through the award, the program will be able to continue to operate for the following two cohorts of participants.

A broader network of schools and institutions are associated with BOLD, of which the college is a member of. A scholarship of up to $27,500 a year is also awarded to each scholar, which begins during their junior year and continues for two years. Because of the financing, BOLD will be able to continue its transformation effort, which is unique to the organization.

Throughout their senior year, students collaborate on developing and executing a project in their community. The Helen Gurley Brown BOLD Fellowship is another opportunity provided by BOLD for graduating academics.

Each scholar may receive up to $40,000 in financing for work with a non-profit organization under the terms of the fellowship. Mhlanga noted that the BOLD program at Ithaca College has been extended for the next three years and will be able to help additional students financially as well as link them with other professionals. Madden, along with around 12 other BOLD graduates, is aiding the current program director, who is on leave, with the administration of the organization. According to Madden, "BOLD has provided several chances for students to interact and coalesce around community service activities." Read the Entire Article