Planet Enables Mission-Driven NGOs to Access Critical Environmental Data

"If we want to accelerate action on the critical issues of our time, including the climate emergency, threats to nature, sustainable and inclusive development, public health, and global peace and security among them, we must supercharge the NGOs that work on these vital issues," Andrew Zolli, Planet Labs' chief impact officer, says in a press release.

In an effort to do just that, the satellite data company has launched its Nonprofit Program, which provides nonprofits and non-governmental organizations with access to Planet's high-res images of Earth, as well as technical support and tools to help them analyze and use the data more effectively.

"Because NGOs are often working to address challenging issues that exist without developed solutions, they rely on the ingenuity of researchers and scientists who test new methods using innovative data sources and technology," Zolli says in the press release.

For example, the Nature Conservancy is using PlanetScope and SkySat imagery to develop high-resolution regional maps of mangroves in the Caribbean and Papua New Guinea, and seagrasses in the Caribbean and China.

"Without easily accessible, up-to-date information, conservation groups like ours find it difficult to analyze and select optimal sites for effective conservation and restoration efforts within these blue carbon ecosystems, which are key to Read the Entire Article