What Nonprofit Boards Need To Do To Protect The Public Interest

Foundation: Lilly Endowment


"We're sorry. Something went wrong," the now-defunct Donald Trump Foundation said in a statement Tuesday, apologizing for its "illegal and unethical" behavior.

But that's not the only thing that went wrong for the now-defunct charity: Its board didn't meet for 20 years, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

According to the Washington Post, the nonprofit management professor who sits on the foundation's nine-member board says the board hasn't met in 20 years because it was busy with Trump's presidential campaign.

"The foundation's board has been working hard to correct the Foundation's mistakes for years," Trump says in the statement.

"We apologize to the foundation's donors, board members, and foundation staff for the Foundation's mistakes."

The Post reports Trump used the foundation's money for his own personal expenses and for things like paying for his daughter's college education.

The foundation was also accused of illegally coordinating with Trump's campaign and using charitable money for his own benefit.

The Chronicle reports nonprofit boards are required to meet at least once a year and supervise the organization's top leader, among other requirements.
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