Opportunity for Swansea Businesses to Drive Innovation through 'Circular Economy' Thinking

credit: Ecotourism CA

If you're in the construction business, there's a good chance you're using a lot of wool.

That's because Welsh company Wool Insulation Wales is now using 100% Welsh wool in its insulation, Quartz reports.

According to a press release, the company produces more than 6 million kilos of wool each year, and by using it in construction, it's "helping decarbonize the indoor built environment with a product that is natural, sustainable, and renewable."

Wool Insulation Wales is currently working with Camarthenshire County Council on a project that will see the council's main Chamber at County Hall retrofitted with wool to trap heat above the chamber, reducing the need for radiators and making the chamber a more comfortable environment.

"In Wales, we produce over 6 million kilos of wool every year and by using it in the construction sector, we will be using large volumes of Welsh wool and helping decarbonize the indoor built environment with a product that is natural, sustainable, and renewable," the company's co-founding director says.

Wool Insulation Wales is also working with Carmarthenshire County Council on a project to use 100% Welsh wool in its insulation, which will see the council's main Chamber at County Hall retrofitted with wool to trap

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