Overnight House Staff

Job Description

Create a safe and healthy house atmosphere for residents staying at Hope Gospel Mission.

Job Requirements

Culture Expectations:

Hope Gospel Mission’s program staff works to create an environment that is consistent with faith and healing.  We are deliberate about creating an intentional, faith-based, healthy, healing, community.  Decisions are made intentionally, with consistency, and strategically to reach predetermined outcomes.  We do not require residents to be Christians, but we intentionally create an environment where they will feel Jesus in their hearts.  We are intentional about identifying and pursuing healthy relationships, while learning to use boundaries to protect from unhealthy relationships.  We intentionally create a trauma-informed, safe space for our residents to heal.  And we intentionally help our residents develop a healthy community so that they are healing together, with encouragement and support.  We expect all program staff to be enthusiastic and devoted to helping us create this environment.  In your area of responsibility, you are the conduit that ensures the culture is intentionally created through your interactions with others.

Summary of responsibilities:

  • ·         Create and maintain an intentional, faith-based, healthy, healing community
  • ·         Enforce code of conduct inside house in a manner that is not punitive but draws people toward Jesus, and completed with quick intervention to maintain a healthy environment – Maintain a calm and peaceful house
  • ·         Provide support for resident’s needs while they are in the home, such as ensuring meal is served according to meal plan, medications are available as needed, schedules are kept, policies and procedures are followed, and other needs are met as they arise.  This may include cooking the meal
  • ·         Maintain secure entry, conduct property searches, and perform breathalyzer assessments and drug screens to keep the house safe.
  • ·         Complete check-in process for residents in a manner that makes each resident feel welcomed
  • ·         Maintain thorough documentation and communication as necessary to create a fluent experience for each resident between different areas of their program
  • ·         Quickly address any issues that come up during shift while maintaining a calmness and professionalism
  • ·         Assist residents with a check out process that leaves them feeling loved, cared for, and knowing that the door is open to them in the future
  • ·         Complete various house chores as assigned

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