Supervising Social Worker

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Supervising Social Worker
Are you ready to help ensure our Commitment to Caring? We are a not-for-profit with a mission to strengthen families and communities by transforming lives!

 Why Sierra Vista?
It's Not Just a Job, It's a Mission

Our supportive, caring environment extends not only to our clients and families but to our valued staff as well. Employees from a number of disciplines work together in a collaborative, stimulating environment that is considered by many to be a model for quality care.

Sierra Vista Child & Family Services offers:

  • Competitive salary
  • Desirable benefit package which includes medical, dental, vision insurance, retirement plan, vacation, sick and holiday pay
  • Professional growth/Job challenge
  • Excellent training program
  • Supervision for state licensure
  • Highly experienced and supportive clinical team
  • Release time for professional development

 We are currently looking for a Supervising Social Worker who is ready to make a difference in the lives of others and help Sierra Vista Child & Family Services continue our commitment to caring!

As a Supervising Social Worker in our Foster Care Program you will be working in a highly professional program that specializes in the treatment of young, emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children.  Here are a few of the attributes that will make you successful in this position:

Essential Job Functions:

    1. Knowledge of current issues/trends in the field of counseling psychology and social work.
    2. Ability to work harmoniously with others.
    3. Ability to manage and direct a crisis.
    4. Effective leadership skills.
    5. Ability to communicate ideas in oral and written form.
    6. Flexibility to meet the needs of the programs.
    7. Physical capability to restrain children, lift over 20 lbs, and engage in physical activity including various sports, sitting, walking, bending, climbing, kneeling, twisting, etc.


Social Work Supervision

  1. Orientation and training of new social work personnel and on-going placement.
  2. Review and oversight of social work personnel.
  3. Ensure that the program meets all regulatory and accreditation standards.
  4. Ensure that assigned social work personnel perform their duties in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures.
  5. Total social workers supervised cannot exceed six.
  6. On call crisis management.
  7. Formulation and maintenance of program policies/procedures and Program Statement in conjunction with Program Director.
  8. Facilitating and ensuring that all clients receive appropriate assessments and services in a timely manner.
  9. Responsibility, in conjunction with Director, for the budget.
  10. Oversight for RFA assessments and reviews with staff
  11. Ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures with personnel and foster families.
  12. Responsible for all program documentation, client and family binders.
  13. Supervision of the Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC) program and its staff.
  14. Ability to work with outside state and local agencies.

Social Work

  1. Carry one half caseload when necessary.
  2. The assessment of appropriate referrals for admission in conjunction with the clinical team.
  3. Support families in compliance with treatment team decisions and treatment plans.
  4. Coordination and facilitation of Child and Family Team meetings.
  5. Provision of individual, group, and family counseling for each client in accordance with the treatment/service plan.
  6. Maintain frequent and consistent contact with representatives of referring agency.
  7. Communicate as needed with CCL.
  8. Oversee the ITFC supervisor and program.
  9. Ensure that the ITFC formula is implemented for those clients and caseloads for staff are maintained.
  10. Work with counties on ITFC placements.
  11. Oversee all aspects of educational planning.  Meet with school personnel prior to enrollment of client. Attend all school meetings such as student study team and IEP’s.
  12. Coordinate discharge planning.
  13. Meet regularly with child psychiatrist.  Provide client information and monitor medication effects.
  14. Prepare written summaries requesting medication evaluation in accordance with CSC standards.  Ensure all necessary legal and permission forms for medication are on file.
  15. Prepare psychological evaluation requests when child is referred for clinical evaluation.
  16. Provide written quarterly reports for each client as part of the treatment plan.
  17. Maintain detailed records of significant contacts, incidents, meetings, groups, and individual sessions.
  18. Maintain client charts in accordance with agency standards and with the state of California licensing guidelines.
  19. Be able to provide clinical diagnoses for clients upon intake, including residential if necessary.

Foster Home Support

  1. Responsible for recruitment, evaluation, approval, and review of all foster homes.
  2. Provide support and guidance to families.
  3. Availability to foster families for trainings, consults, support and during times of crisis.
  4. Ensure compliance to all agency CSC, and licensing standards in each home.
  5. Conduct annual re-certification study for each assigned home.
  6. Prepare written evaluations of home functioning after each client removal.
  7. Maintain Foster Family record in compliance with agency, CSC and licensing standards.
  8. Participate in on-going training program for foster families.


  1. Attend all clinical supervision, staff meetings, and in-service training.
  2. Report any suspected child abuse immediately to direct supervisor or if not available, utilize the chain of command.
  3. Report any suspected dependent adult/elder abuse immediately to direct supervisor or if not available, utilize the chain of command. 
  4. Everyone who works in the organization has responsibilities for preventing and controlling infection.
  5. Responsible for reducing the risk of injury to clients and staff. 
  6. Other assigned duties.

Supervision Exercised:

Foster Family Social Workers in certification division.

Direct Supervisor:

Director of Foster Care

Job Requirements

  1. Masters in Social Work required. Licensed Clinical Social Work preferred.
  2. Three years experience in a social work or casework employment in the field of child welfare Service or two years in a licensed Foster Family agency.
  3. Effective conceptualization and communication skills
  4. Must possess a valid California driver’s license with less than 2 minor moving violations. 
Keywords: clinician, clinical, clinical trainee, human services, social work, licensed clinician, social worker, lcsw, licensed social worker, licensed clinical social worker, etc.

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