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Study: Arizona nonprofits grew by 25 percent
Foundation: Arizona Community Foundation

A recent study by the Arizona Community Foundation found that Arizona's economy has grown in part due to an increasing influence of nonprofit organizations within the state. Nonprofits provide...more

Getting Your Nonprofit Approved By The IRS

Imagine that your favorite charity that provides funding or a service that is very close to your heart has lost its public funding and you want to do something about it. One option is trying to...more

Philanthropist Jean Case encourages conversations about failure
Foundation: Case Foundation

Jean Case, Chief Executive of the Case Foundation believes in embracing failure because it will enhance one’s ability to succeed in the future. In order to facilitate this, she holds "Fail Fests,"...more

For Foundations, Succession Planning Should Be a High Priority
Foundation: Commonwealth Fund

Diana Davenport of the Commonwealth Fund examines keys points when considering anticipated vacancies in higher leadership positions and how to prepare in the case in order to avoid seeking to fill...more

Want to Keep Your Star Fundraisers? Treat Them Like Your Top Donors

If you're a philanthropic organization who relies on top donors, then it is important to keep your top fundraisers. Just like with top donors, other organizations will take notice of top fundraisers...more

Aplos Unveils Advanced Version of Nonprofit Accounting Software

Aplos Software, a designer of accounting software for nonprofits and churches, recently announced a new financial system, Aplos Advanced Accounting. The new program builds on their existing financial...more

They Look Good on Paper, But Challenge Grants Can Be...Challenging

Challenge grants can be good things or extremely bad for morale depending upon how they are set up. If a challenge grant is an all or nothing scenario, i.e. you either match the challenge or the...more

Is Social Media a Time-Waster for Nonprofits?

For most organizations, social media seems to be a waste of time. Described as a free to play, pay to win type situation, the actual penetration of most social media messages posted by businesses is...more

Nonprofit Boards Missing Financial Red Flags, Report Says

The federation of employment and guidance service, or FEGS, has recently gone bankrupt, and with it, brought to light the importance of cash reserves and responsible trusteeship for nonprofits. Its...more

How Data Management Helps Yield High-Impact Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations often have more information than can be effectively utilized using their available IT resources, but savvy clients expect the information to be analyzed. Solutions are...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprise Boost Initiative For Mushroom Farming

Social Enterprise Boost Initiative For Mushroom Farming

The Network of Women (NOW) For Food Security joined forces with Jamaica National Foundation’s Social Enterprise Boost Initiative (SEBI) and Food For The Poor (FFP) to provide rural women income-producing opportunities and reduce the amount of imported mushrooms.

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